Thank you for inquiring about our use of photographs and our photographer's guidelines.

Our use of photographs on a recurring basis is limited to the Down The Shore Calendars, which feature scenic images of the New Jersey Shore. These calendars also include the New Jersey Lighthouse Calendar. Calendar guidelines are mailed out at year's end and submissions are generally reviewed in the first two months of the new year for the following year's calendar.

Additionally, from time to time, we have a limited need for images for regional books we publish. When such needs arise, we mail out separate guidelines and requests detailing our needs for these projects.

Our guidelines indicate deadlines and review periods. We regret that we are unable to review unsolicited images at other times. Please do not send images for our review unless requested.

Our needs are typically limited to stock images. We do not assign photographers to projects. However, many photographers are aware of our needs for the calendars and will shoot New Jersey Shore images throughout the year. They generate a wide variety of seasonal stock images, which they submit during the review period.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for future guidelines and photo requests, send a postcard with your name and address to:

Down The Shore Publishing
Attn: Photo Mail List
P.O. Box 100
West Creek, NJ 08092

For your reference and use, our most recent calendar photo guidelines follow.

Thanks again for your interest.



Thanks for your interest in contributing to the 34th edition of the Down The Shore Calendar and the 22st edition of the New Jersey Lighthouse Calendar — for 2018. Please keep in mind the following:

1.) SUBJECT MATTER: We’re looking for exceptional Jersey Shore scenes with strong artistic and creative content. The photographs should evoke a mood and an emotion, as well as give a sense of place and season. We are looking for an honest depiction of familiar scenes from a fresh perspective. Please be selective and edit your work carefully. Please don’t submit many frames of essentially the same image.
NJ Lighthouse Calendar: All New Jersey lighthouses — from Sandy Hook to Cape May and up the Delaware Bay —all angles, all weather conditions, day and night, dawn and dusk.
Down The Shore Calendar: Published in three editions — a main NJ Shore edition and special editions for Long Beach Island and Ocean City. Some images will run in two or all three editions, depending on location. It is important that you identify locations!

2.) LOCATIONS: Need to be obviously coastal -- from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Landmarks (boardwalks, piers, etc.) and familiar shore towns are desirable, as are shore icons such as boats, bay, beach, shorebirds, etc. Please note where the image was taken and what is in view.

3.) FORMAT: The Down The Shore Calendar uses slightly horizontal images; the Lighthouse Calendar uses roughly square images. But if an appropriate image can be cropped without resolution loss we can use it.

4.) RIGHTS & PAYMENT: One-time rights are purchased, and contributors retain full copyright to their work. Photographers are fully credited on the calendar (we don’t include trade names — eg: “Hot Shot Photos”). Contributors permit us to make incidental promotional use of a published image for our marketing only. We request that you not sell the same or a very similar image in the same market until one year following the year of the calendar it is used in. Payment will be made in September preceding the year of the calendar (September 2017 for the 2018 calendar). Contributors receive six complementary copies of the calendar. RATES - Down The Shore Calendar: Cover: $450 (the same image may also be used inside the calendar); inside photographs: $200 if the image is used in all editions; $150/two editions; $125/one edition. RATES - NJ Lighthouse Calendar: Cover: $400 (same image may also be used inside the calendar); inside photographs: $150.

5.) SHIPPING & HANDLING: We recommend our PO Box as the most secure delivery address: Down The Shore, PO Box 100, West Creek, NJ 08092. (If shipping by UPS or FedEx, please use this street address: Down The Shore, 106 Stafford Forge Rd., West Creek, NJ 08092.) We are concerned with protecting your images and take care in handling your work. We will return it to you in packaging you provide by First Class/Priority Mail. If you require insurance or express shipping for the return, please enclose payment for that added cost or provide your FedEx or UPS account number. We assume no liability for materials lost or damaged in shipping.

6.) RELEASES: Because this is a commercial use of photographs, a signed release from any clearly recognizable person in your images is requested (but not crowds in a public place like a beach).

7.) AGREEMENT: By sending your photographs to us for review, you indicate that you accept and agree to the terms outlined here. If these terms do not meet with your approval, do not submit.

8.) DEADLINE: Please have your work to us by February 17, 2017. We begin the selection process in advance of this deadline, so earlier is better! We look forward to seeing your work!


Digital Submissions – Critical information
1. Format, DPI and size
— TIFF format preferred, CMYK (not RGB). Minimum original specs needed for quality reproduction -- For the Down The Shore Calendars: 350 dpi, at least 9" height x 12" width. For the Lighthouse Calendar: 350 dpi, at least 12x12". (Rule of thumb: 4,000 pixels for widest dimension.) Don’t send images with resolution that’s too low. We also need flexibility to crop. If cropping makes the resolution of the remaining image area too low, we can't use the photo. So it’s best to provide larger original files that allow for cropping. (If your file size is below 40MB, it’s probably too small.)
2. We need reference prints and the image files. A.) Media: Please send high-res images on DVD/flash drive (which we will return if requested) or with your Dropbox link. B.) Reference prints: For the editing process we need a full frame uncropped print of the image. These are only reference prints — they don’t need to be reproduction quality or larger than 5x7”. (But don’t send us only a disk, or DropBox link, without these prints.) We make quick, initial selections from your reference prints, so if you include additional images on the disk we may even not be aware of them.
3. Documentary and photojournalistic ethics apply. We expect an honest depiction. Composites, distortions, special effects, or images significantly altered or enhanced will not be considered.
4. Please name each image rather than using a number, even if it’s just “beach1”, beach2”, etc. and write the same file name on the reference print so we can find it.
5. ***Do not email images for review.*** But, if you have any technical questions about submissions, feel free to email before submitting.
6. Let us know if we can destroy your submission disk and reference prints after selections have been made (rather than returning).

Transparency (slide) Submissions
1. We still consider color transparencies, 35mm or larger. If you send dupes, we’ll need the original for reproduction (and to make the final decision). Be sure to indicate if your slides are dupes.
2. Please use standard slide pages for transparencies.
3. Don’t send us scans of your prints or slides: we need the original for publication.

In General…
Locations are very important during the selection process -- each image should have a location identified. Be as specific as possible. (For example: if you ID an image as from Long Beach Island, please tell us which town on this 18-mile long island. Or, another example: “Ocean City bridge from Somers Point.”)
Make sure visual elements are current for the locations! If a building, boardwalk, pier, etc. has changed since the image was made, it’s out of date and we can’t use it.
We only review images for calendars once per year -- so unsolicited submissions received at other times will be returned.

We do not pay research fees, review, or holding fees.
Be sure to write your name and address on your submissions.

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