“Three decades into the one-woman art show that is the weekly Artoon, L. Ganss shows no signs of
exhausting the absurdities, ironies and follies that animate her portrait of the beach scene and the bay life.”
— from the Foreword

Too Many Summers

The Best of Artoons

By L. Ganss

"It was over 30 years ago, according to the foreword written by SandPaper publisher Curt Travers in Ganss’ newly released, fat, little hardcover compilation Too Many Summers: The Best of Artoons, that 'L. Ganss laid claim to a corner of the community opinion page and began an illustrated investigation into the humorous side of life down the shore.' ... [The Artoon] is a weekly celebration of the chuckle-worthy among the familiar – a loving send-up of this seasonal, mostly beautiful, sometimes maddening, way of life'"

—Victoria Ford, The SandPaper

6" x 6.5"
240 pp.
230 illus., index.
ISBN 978-1-59322-094-5
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AIMING HER PEN at such sacred cows as clueless tourists, beloved fall festivals, questionable architecture and The Shack on the Causeway (RIP!), L. Ganss explores the ironies and eccentricities of a summer resort in all its seasons and temperaments. Culled from over two decades of Artoons originally published in Long Beach Island’s SandPaper, this collection draws inspiration from the local quirks and rituals of this 18-mile-long sandbar lovingly known as “LBI” and the equally inspiring “just-over-the-bridge” mainland. From “Vacation (Hell)” and “Strange Days” to summer bucket lists and dubious landmarks, Artoon fans will find many of their favorites here and newcomers will be happily immersed in the humorous consequences of too many summers.

Leslee Ganss is a snarky commentator, amateur rodeo rider* and graphic designer. She was the Art Director for The SandPaper for a long time, and is currently Design Director for Down The Shore Publishing. She lives on the edge of a salt marsh at the Jersey Shore where she casts judgement on things that annoy her. She also loves turtles. This is her second book.
*not true

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