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BOOKS (continued)

Sentinels of the Shore: A Guide to the Lighthouses and Lightships of New Jersey
by Bill Gately

Seven Superstorms of the Northeast
by James Lincoln Turner

Shore Chronicles: Diaries and Travelers' Tales from the Jersey Shore 1764-1955
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz, editor

Shore Stories: An Anthology of the Jersey Shore
by Rich Youmans, editor

Six Miles at Sea: A Pictorial History of Long Beach Island
by John Bailey Lloyd

Stafford Chronicles: A History of Manahawkin, New Jersey

Station 119: From Lifesaving to Marine Research
by Kenneth W. Able

Steel Pier, Atlantic City: Showplace of the Nation
by Steve Liebowitz

Suviving Sandy: Long Beach Island and the Greatest Storm of the Jersey Shore
by Scott Mazzella

Tales from an Endless Summer: A Novel of the Beach
by Bruce Novotny

Takashi's Voyage: The Wreck of the Sindia
by Lucinda Hathaway

The Tides of Barnegat
by F. Hopkinson Smith

Too Many Summers: The Best of Artoons
by L. Ganss

Two Centuries of History on Long Beach Island
by John Bailey Lloyd

The Uh-oh Heart
by Sandy Gingras
The Uncertain Revolution: Washington and the Continental Army at Morristown
By John T. Cunningham

Under a Gull's Wing: Poems and Photographs
of the Jersey Shore
by Rich Youmans and Frank Finale, editors

Under the Lighthouse: Memories of
Barnegat City
by Mary Karch

When the Monarchs Fly
by Robert Myers


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All Things LBI

At the Beachhouse - A Guestbook
by Sandy Gingras

The Bayman: A Life on Barnegat Bay
by Merce Ridgway

Beach Bum's Guide to Boardwalks of New Jersey
by Dick Handschuch and Sal Marino

Cold Rolled Dead
by Paul D'Ambrosio

by Leslee Ganss

Chance of a Lifetime: Nucky Johnson, Skinny D'Amato and how Atlantic City became the Naughty Queen of Resorts
by Grace Anselmo D'Amato

Closed Sea: From the Manasquan to the Mullica; A History of Barnegat Bay
by Kent Mountford

Easy Squeezy
by Paul D'Ambrosio

Eighteen Miles of History on Long Beach Island
by John Bailey Lloyd

Float Plan for Takashi's Voyage
by Mary Ann Devine

Fisherman's Wife
by Josephine Lehmann Thomas

Four Seasons at the Shore
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz; Sandy Gingras; Larry Savadove; Rich Youmans

Golden Light: The 1878 Diary of Captain Thomas Rose Lake
by James Kirk

Great Storms of the Jersey Shore
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz and Larry Savadove

How to be a Friend
by Sandy Gingras

How to Live at the Beach
by Sandy Gingras

How to Live on an Island
by Sandy Gingras

I Love You, Long Beach Island
by Sandy Gingras

In a House by the Sea
by Sandy Gingras

Inferno at Sea - Stories of Death and Survival Aboard the Morro Castle
by Gretchen Coyle and Deborah Whitcraft

Island Album - Photographs & Memories of Long Beach Island
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz

Island Child: Life Lessons from an Island
by Corinne G. Ruff

Jersey Shore Impressionists
by Roy Pedersen

Josephine: From Washington Working Girl to Fisherman's Wife
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz

Local Color
by Ray Fisk and Leslee Ganss

The Long Beach Island Reader
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz

New Jersey in History: Fighting to be Heard
by Thomas P. Farner

New Jersey Shipwrecks: 350 Years in the Graveyard of the Atlantic
by Margaret Thomas Buchholz

O is for Oystercatcher - A Book of Seaside ABCs
by Barbara Patrizzi

The Oyster Singer
by Larry Savadove

Pecks Beach: A Pictorial History of Ocean City, NJ
by Tim Cain

Reasons to be Happy at the Beach
by Sandy Gingras

Round the World: Takashi Sails Home
by Lucinda Hathaway

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