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Special Discounts on slightly hurt books
When we receive books returned from stores and distributors that have been slightly scuffed, or with dings or sun-faded covers, we offer them at a big discount. We call them "hurt," but other than minor cosmetic damage, these are perfectly good books — clean and unmarked inside. In many cases they are in excellent, "like-new," condition. Titles in the condition described below are available at roughly half the cover price. Available 1st-come-1st-served — the best condition books are shipped first. When available, a new dust jacket for hardcovers will also be provided so they'll look new on your coffee table.

How to order from our shopping cart:
Please create a separate order for bargain books. Just place a regular order and then use code "HURT50%" as a coupon code at checkout. The price will be discounted 50%. (Don't use this code for a combined order of new and bargain books, as only hurt books will be shipped to you.) If you are also placing a separate order for new books, just note that in the comments and we'll try to combine orders into a single shipment, if possible, and adjust your shipping charge.

Alternately, feel free to email, call, fax, or mail your order for bargain books.

Feel free to contact us at to inquire about condition for specific books.

You are supporting authors! Did you know that sales of used books in bookstores or online do not result in royalties for authors? Except when you order here. Because we published these titles, we include sales of our hurt books in royalty accounting. This purchase supports the creative work of authors and publisher, unlike sales of remaindered books elsewhere.

Use coupon code "taka3"when you buy these 3 books together and get $12 OFF!

EXC (excellent) — new • VG (very good) — minimum dings or scuffs • G (good) some wear, or noticable dings or scuffs, but inside pages unmarked and very clean • OK — dings/scuffs/marks, but inside pages mostly clean • P (poor) — not offered unless book is out of print, otherwise unavailable.
last update: 1/25/20

BACK COPIES of our CALENDARS — Collect them all!

Back copies of the Down The Shore Calendar are available for most years from 1985 (No. 1) through 2020.
Not all years have all editions available. Contact us regarding availability.
Copies of the 1996 through 2020 NJ Lighthouse Calendar are also available.
All previous years calendars: $7.95 each.
Note: Locating back edition calendars may require additional processing time.

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