Long Beach Island’s colorful history —
as you’ve never seen it before

Available late July 2021

9.25’’ x 8.25’’ hardcover,
288 pages, 145
hand-colored images,
biblio., index.
Library of Congress Control No. 2021940941
ISBN 978-1-59322-124-9
• A completely different look at Long Beach Island's colorful history.

• Black & white images come to life in 145 meticulously restored,
hand-colored photographs.

• Brief historical descriptions, quotations, and short excerpts accompany the images for context. It’s vibrant local history in an inviting, accessible format. (Even for those of us with short attention spans!)

• From lighthouses to the old hotels, fishermen, great storms, beaches, boating, frivilous summer fun, and — most of all — the people who have lived on and visited LBI, this is a curated gallery of historic, artistic prints
in enchanting book form.

A double page folio from the book
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