The late John Bailey Lloyd’s lyrical and pioneering writing about Long Beach Island has been the inspiration for many books about Jersey Shore history. Here is the source — providing a true sense of place. His three elegant companion books explore much of the history of the Shore with a focus on LBI. The Island of today is strikingly different from that of a century ago but here are images of an innocent and wilder past that cement our present-day bond with this place. Modern-day Shore lovers will find their long-ago counterparts here. These books give us an opportunity to rediscover a unique place at the sea’s edge — a beautiful, sometimes dangerous, more personal LBI — and the people who came to know and love it.
Six Miles at Sea

A Pictorial History of
Long Beach Island


By John Bailey Lloyd

“...Years of writing and research have led me to one simple truth: Everyone who ever came to this island — with the possible exception of the shipwrecked — came out of pure enjoyment and returned year after year for the same reason. As you turn these pages you will soon discover how little difference there is between us and all the generations that have come before. We share a happiness that is rare, indeed. That is what Long Beach Island means. It always will.”

from the Preface

192 pps., 31 chapters, over 250 historical photos and illus., index, bib.
$38.00 hardcover with color dustjacket
ISBN 0-945582-03-X
30th Anniversary Edition!
Expanded with additional pages and photographs; color cover; improved print reproduction.


John Bailey Lloyd was born in Johnstown, PA., and had been on Long Beach Island since 1942, when he was ten years old — in time to see old landmarks like the boardwalk, the Engleside Hotel and the vast emptiness of the Island as it once was. With time out for service in the Coast Guard, graduate school and some travel, he has spent nearly every summer here. In 1977 he and his wife, Jeanette, and their two sons became permanent residents and moved into the family's Victorian summer home in Beach Haven.

A graduate of Mount St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg, Maryland, Mr. Lloyd had a master's degree in English from the University of Michigan and a master's in library science from Rutgers University. He worked in the reference department at the Ocean County Library in Toms River, and the Bishop Historical Library there.


Expanded, with an artistic color cover, improved reproductions, and newly discovered historic photos, this 30th Anniversary Edition is a fitting tribute to the legacy of John Bailey Lloyd.

In its pages you will travel back to Edwardian Beach Haven, discover the origins of Barnegat Lighthouse, and know the fortitude of the men of the U.S. Lifesaving Service. You'll experience nature’s fury — the hurricane of ’44 and the March northeaster of ’62 — and learn how the Island's shifting southern end has changed — with a “new inlet,” “old inlet,” and a disappeared Tucker’s Island.

You'll know how and where bootleggers smuggled alcohol ashore during Prohibition, and delight in the Island’s favorite watering holes “When Beer Was Ten Cents A Glass.” You'll learn about an eccentric Barnegat Light resident and the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In the Days of the Dune Hoppers,” during World War II, a largely forgotten period on the Island, hotels boarded soldiers, the military patrolled beaches on horseback, and oceanside blackouts were mandatory. “Ducks, Guns, and Money on Old Barnegat Bay” explores the era of adventurous aristocratic men drawn to this shore.

You’ll learn about town names (Beach Arlington, Long Beach City, Peahala, and “Harvey Cedars or Harvest Cedars?”), summers of baseball and the famous Roger “Doc” Cramer. The Lucy Evelyn, a schooner that was as much an attraction as Barnegat Lighthouse, is fondly remembered.

In this loving history: Travel the first automobile highways to the Shore — or take the train to one of the grand old hotels. You’ll even learn the origin of that enduring phrase, “Six Miles At Sea.”


The Barnegat Lighthouse
Ship on the Beach!
The Old Mansion
The Forty-Two Winters of the U.S.
Life Saving Service
Ducks, Guns, and Money on Old Barnegat Bay
The End of the Golden Age of Gunning
New Inlet and Old Inlet:
The Shifting South End
Holgate: Two Centuries of History
South of Beach Haven
The Oceanic and The Sunset at Barnegat City
John W. Haddock and the U.S. Supreme Court
The Long Beach Club House at Loveladies
The Beach Haven Yacht Club
Edwardian Beach Haven
Harvey Cedars or Harvest Cedars?
Ship Bottom: Gateway to the Island
Brant Beach
Driving "Down the Shore"
Ostendorff's Garage
"Our Boys" — Fifty Years of Baseball
at Beach Haven
Getting Mail Over on the Beach
The Spray Beach Hotel
The Beach Haven House
The Surf City Hotel
Rum Row and the Rumrunners
When Beer Was Ten Cents a Glass
Camp Dune-By-The-Sea
In the Days of the Dune Hoppers
The Hurricane of 1944
The March Storm of 1962
The Lucy Evelyn at Beach Haven, 1948-1971

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Six Miles at Sea and Tucker's Island, and Barnegat Light and Barnegat City are historical documentaries based on John Bailey Lloyd's writings.
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