"The book offers a glimpse of life at sea through the eyes of a Japanese boy shanghaied aboard the Sindia — and also a gentle lesson in acceptance."

— The Philadelphia Inquirer

Takashi’s Voyage

The Wreck of the Sindia

by Lucinda Hathaway

Illustrated, with a glossary, history and photographs of the actual shipwreck.
History/Juvenile: Ages 8-11.
107 pages, 21 illustrations

$11.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-945582-24-2



In this fact-based adventure, Takashi, a young Japanese boy is shanghaied aboard the Sindia, a sailing ship bound for New York at the turn of the century. As the Sindia heads for Cape Horn, Takashi’s love of sailing overcomes his homesickness and the hardships of a long journey... but nothing could prepare him for the climactic conclusion of his voyage along the New Jersey coast. This is a fictional adventure story based on an actual shipwreck that occurred in 1901 in Ocean City, New Jersey.


"Recommended for readers ages 8 to 11, the attractively bound book may instead lodge in parents’ permanent collections. Adults will find themselves turning the pages beyond kids’ bedtimes. A bonus is the book’s afterword, ‘Fiction and Fact’ a background and history of the Sindia from the construction of the vessel in Belfast, Ireland, in 1887 to its groans of destruction off Ocean City’s beach. Vintage pictures accompany the text.... Takaski’s Voyage is a gem of a souvenir for landlubbers and, for coastal dwellers, a closer look at a dramatic event from the past."

— The SandPaper


After being shanghaied aboard the bark Sindia and surviving a shipwreck on the New Jersey Shore, a twelve-year old Japanese boy finds himself thousands of miles from his home and family — alone on the bustling docks of New York City. The year is 1901, and Takashi has made his way to New York’s South Street Seaport, determined to find passage home. Our resilient young hero’s adventure continues in this sequel to Takashi’s Voyage. The book includes a nautical glossary, a cookie recipe, and an author’s note about the difference between fact and fiction in a historical novel.
A comprehensive teacher’s study guide to accompany this book is now available. We have titled this guidebook—in keeping with sailing terminology — the "Float Plan," and are offering it to parents and educators as an educational workbook that may be used to further children’s enjoyment of the book.


Lucinda Hathaway (“Cinda” to her friends) has traveled all over the world, mostly by ship. She lives, with her husband Jack, in Longboat Key, Florida — a quiet island in the Gulf of Mexico. She had previously lived on another island, Ocean City, New Jersey, and there she became intrigued with the Sindia, a steel bark that ran aground in 1901 and became the inspiration for her first book, Takashi’s Voyage. Her family has vacationed in Maine for almost forty years, so it was natural for her to set this sequel on a Maine Downeaster. She can often be found sailing her sloop Eventide. Cinda is happy to share her love of the sea and our natural world with an audience of children eager to learn, and she regularly visits schools to share all of Takashi’s stories.
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