At The Beach House

A Guest Book

By Sandy Gingras

8.5" x 7"
spiral bound (concealed)
64 pp.,

ISBN 1-59322-006-5

How to keep track of all those people leaving sandy footprints in your life? With this clever guestbook that allows visitors to leave their own lasting impressions of the shore. Includes a pocket for mementos, and is bound to lay flat.


Sandy Gingras is a writer, poet, and artist with her own design company who has turned her love of prose and her love of the seashore into her life’s work. Ms. Gingras is a longtime resident of Long Beach Island, on the New Jersey coast, where she is actively involved in efforts to preserve open space and wetlands. She lives there with her son, three cats and a fat yellow Labrador retriever. She has a Masters in English from Duke University, and has been involved in poetry and writing workshops. She has traveled extensively along East Coast beaches and islands and lived for a year in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

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