"How to Live" books

by Sandy Gingras

Sandy Gingras has a wonderful sensibility about living in harmony with our world — about happiness and what really matters — and this perspective is beautifully expressed in her illustrated books. Her work touches readers on many levels. With beaches and islands as metaphors, she offers a gentle message with wit, charm, and an almost fragile sensitivity.

In a House by the Sea
Sandy's latest book is full of essays, poems, wittisms, and her usual charming illustrations and take on life.

ISBN 1-59322-013-8
71 pp., 5.5 x 7.5" hardcover $14.95

How to Live at the Beach
With delightful illustrations and heartfelt prose, this book strips away the complicated, structured way of life we cling to and helps us find perspective in simplicity.

ISBN 0-945582-73-0
64 pp., 6"x 6" hardcover $12.95

How to Live on an Island
How to Live on an Island gives us an opportunity to reflect on the fundamental things. With charming illustrations and common sense wisdom, this endearing book encourages us to live happily on simpler terms.

ISBN 0-945582-57-9
55 pp., 6"x 6" hardcover $14.95

Reasons to be Happy at the Beach
There are many reasons to be happy at the beach. This little book delights in the counting of some favorites. Combined with the author’s charming watercolors, this book shows us how present happiness really is — all we have to do is look.
ISBN 0-945582-98-6
86 pp., 4.5" x 4.5" hardcover with dustjacket $12.95

How to be a Friend
This essential addition to the "How to Live" books shows us, in simple words and charming illustrations, how friendship is the spiritual glue that binds us to others.

ISBN 0-945582-99-4
46 pp., 6"x 6" hardcover $12.95

The Uh-oh Heart
For all of us with uh-oh hearts fearful of growing and risking and loving, this touching book celebrates the forces that pull and push us out of ourselves and ultimately allow us to love.
ISBN 0-945582-96-X
78 pp., 6"x 6" hardcover with dustjacket $16.95

At the Beach House: A Guest Book
How to keep track of all those people leaving sandy footprints in your life? With this clever guest book that allows visitors to leave their own lasting impressions. Includes a pocket for mementos, and the book is bound to lay flat when open.
ISBN 1-59322-006-5
64 pp., 8.5" x 7" spiral bound (concealed)
• short story called "The Finished Sound," published in the Shore Stories anthology (1998)
• poem: "At The Fisherman's Bar" included in the Shore Stories anthology (1998)
•essay; Four Seasons at the Shore (2004)
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