Chance of a Lifetime

Nucky Johnson, Skinny D'Amato, and how Atlantic City became the Naughty Queen of Resorts

by Grace Anselmo D'Amato

237 pages, 178 illustrations
ISBN 0-945582-75-7
“The breaks are everything. It’s the roll of the dice, the flip of a coin, the cut of the cards, the turn of the wheel.... You have to be in the right place at the right time.”

— Skinny D’Amato


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From the Press of Atlantic City (10/30/01):

"... a rollicking account..."

"There were few in the city as flamboyant as Skinny D'Amato. The book chronicles his career from his start as a precocious street hustler to his time as the owner of a nationally known nightclub. At the peak of the 500 Club's popularity, Skinny D'Amato was as much of a celebrity as Sinatra and the other entertainers who filled its showrooms nightly."

"...a trove of pictures from...the 500 Club. The general public has never seen many of the photos published in this book."

For the full Press article by Steven V. Cronin, visit and click on "lifestyle" -- the headline is "Sinatra, Nucky, Skinny: Margate Author digulges secrets of 500 Club, A.C."

From WOND Radio - "Barbara Altman's Front Porch" show (10/30/01):

"Like reading a letter from a very good friend."

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